The Process believes in quality over all. We've therefore meticulously worked to perfect our methods so that your product can be designed and manufactured according to your precise needs. We have briefly defined the process that we follow in order to produce the 3D printed products.


3d scan

The item to be reproduced is 3D scanned. The scanner takes in a mathematical 3D image of the object which can be used to produce the STL or other types of files.

3D Design

3d design
The design captured from 3D scan or just created is processed through modelling softwares to produce an error-free design ready for additive manufacturing process.

3D Printing

3d printing
The prepared file is 3D printed after the selection of an appropriate material. The printed product is finished off and refined as desired by the customer.

And we create some amazing stuff with it!

Our services range from aerospace to custom manufacturing. We create solutions like reverse engineering plane control sticks using 3D technologies, scanning real life bridges to create replicas, restoring historical artifacts like King Priest sculpture, 3D selfies, durable prototypes for automobile industry, 3D printed prosthesis and surgical models for healthcare, 3D printed dresses and props for media, etc. etc.

An urge to learn more about his revolutionary technology? Or an wonderful idea just popped in your head? Don't hesitate to jolt us up anytime. We're here to help!