3D technologies provide museums, researchers and archeologists with new tools to capture in 3D ancient objects, sites, artifacts and art pieces. These can be used for educational as well as archiving purposes. All with much more throughput than traditional methods.

It is even possible to 3D scan entire archeological sites via drone or a plane.


The services we offer in the field of architecture are as below.

  • Preservation of Historical Artifacts
  • Recreating & Reparing Artifacts
  • Vintage Sculptures Restoration
  • Miniature Museums

Our Stories

Below are some of the success stories that we have accomplished in this field. The services provided were first of a kind in Pakistan.

King Priest Sculpture

This is the Indus Valley artifact called the Priest King. He is the iconic representation of Indus civilization dating back to 2200-1900 BC and was found at the Mohenjo Daro archaeological site, Sindh Province, Pakistan. Viscous and the team worked with it’s advanced 3D technologies and recreated the statue from scratch.