"With the revolution the 3D printing has brought in the architectural industry, creating models and 3D structures is easier than ever. The impact of a physical object is stronger than a visualisation on a computer screen. Start physically creating directly after modelling your ideas. "

Viscous.co is actively working in the field of architecture by exploring newer options that offer precise ways of reverse engineering existing monuments and architectural structures. These models can be easily recreated using techniques of 3D Printing and manufacturing.

Apart from that, Viscous works for visualization and modelling of architectural structures before actual construction in order to offer more intuitive way of studying and brainstorming.

3d printed bridge

Services in Architecture

The services we offer in the field of architecture are as below.

Building Models

Full Scale Models

Models with Interior Fitting

Integration of Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

Our Stories

Below are some of the success stories that we have accomplished in this field. The services provided were first of a kind in Pakistan.

Saturday, 13 January 2018 / Published in Archeology, Architecture
This is the first actual demonstration of hugely successful reverse engineering. The bridge, originally located at Indus River, was 3D scanned from a helicopter, the design was improved using 3D designing techniques at Viscous, 3D printed and put together all in one day. The body of the bridge has been constructed using eco-friendly and biodegradable