We believe that sharing ideas, defining new boundaries and taking up new challenges help us grow and learn. These projects have been outsourced to help those in need or simply manufacturing enthusiaists looking for a new adventure.

3D Printable Protective Masks

In the amidst of a world-wide pandemic, where medical supplies are extremely scarce, we have worked on an innovative design for protective face masks where the mask in itself is 3D printed and multiple can be produced out of one surgical mask.

Below are the stl files for the parts and the video illustrates how to put it together.
> Cap, Filter and Mask Files.ZIP

Portable Ventilators

This is a prototype of 3D printed portable ventilators. These machines make use of actuator parts and basic distribution that fill in place of traditional ventilators in times of crisis like these.

Below are the stl files for the parts.
> VentilatorFiles.ZIP