"Did you know that schools, colleges or even professional environments around the world believe in empowering individuals by utilizing 3D technologies to help them learn better? With technology growing at lighting fast pace, we need more learners with ideas as solid as the rock."

The world is empowering it's learners through 3D printing. From models of biology to chemistry and physics; schools are utilizing models created using 3D printing in education for a mode intuitive from of learning.

In more advanced studies, the industries like aerodynamics and physical modelling heavily rely on 3D Printing techniques in education.

3d printed building model

Services in Education

3D technologies can be of help in the following fields.

Robotics and Automotive

Models for Reference and Study

Models used for training differently abled children.

Our Stories

Below are some of the success stories that we have accomplished in this field. The services provided were first of a kind in Pakistan.

Monday, 14 January 2019 / Published in Education
3d printed car
Viscous.co introducing 3D Printing in Automobile Industry. “It takes sweat, determination and hard work to turn dreams to reality.” Formula Electric Racing conceived and brought to life their dream in the form of one of its kind Formula Racing Style Car. Viscous.co was honored to serve as the main technical partner and work with the
Tuesday, 18 December 2018 / Published in Education
3d printed ship
A 3D printed ship model giving the accuracy and precision of the actual structure. This model can be used from souvenirs to models for study in education. This presence of a physical models provides wider region for study and much more intuitive grasp on the concepts. Several other such models exist for better study and
Sunday, 04 February 2018 / Published in Archeology, Education
Viscous.co has stepped it’s foot in the Archeology Industry by successfully reverse engineering the very famous King Priest Sculpture. This is the Indus Valley artifact called the Priest King. He is the iconic representation of Indus civilization dating back to 2200-1900 BC and was found at the Mohenjo Daro archaeological site, Sindh Province, Pakistan. Viscous