Did you know that schools, colleges or even professional environments around the world believe in empowering individuals by utilizing 3D technologies to help them learn better? With technology growing at lighting fast pace, we need more learners with ideas as solid as the rock.

The world is empowering it's learners through 3D printing. 3D technologies can be of help in the following fields.
- Encouraging student engagement
- Helping students develop college and career readiness skills
- Inspiring and supporting research


The services we offer in the field of education are as below.

  • Study Models
  • Small Robots
  • Developing Projects
  • Interactive learning
  • Practical Visualization

Our Stories

Below are some of the success stories that we have accomplished in this field. The services provided were first of a kind in Pakistan.

Robo Structures

Viscous, being located in an engineering hub, frequently designs solutions for project robots, showcase items, drones and many such things.