Bioniks a client of Viscous is utilizing 3D technologies to build a healthier Pakistan. It is working on key areas of prosthesis and surgical modelling with operating services all around the country. The field is progressing at the speed of light as more and more opportunities emerge.

Hand And Arm Prosthesis

We provide prosthetic hand and arm for people with such amputations. The solutions provided are made by keeping your precise needs in mind.

Prosthesis for Animals

Bioniks is working in collaboration with RPK to provide prosthesis services for animals. Now you can get the best possible care for your pets.

Models For Surgical Planning

Bioniks is offering services to provide personalized 3D printed models drived from scans that can be used for surgical planning or medical case studies.

Our Stories

Below are some of the success stories that we have accomplished in this field. The services provided were first of a kind in Pakistan.

Prosthetic Arms

Bioniks is working as a pioneer in Pakistan providing prosthetic hands to people with amputation. With numerous success stories to share, it is working all around the country giving people a helping hand.

Surgical Models

Another place where our 3D technologies are serving is in the provision of pre-surgical models. The dicom images from particular patients are used to create such models which can help surgeons to practice on these before surgery or even help physicians understand complex cases before further proceeding.