How to Prevent Warping

3D printing is indeed more art then science at this point but we are getting there. I’d like to introduce an open discussion and talk about warping and how to minimize the effects that shrinkage can have on our work and especially for long prints. We should keep it too PLA and ABS as those are still the most commonly used. I will share some tactics that I find help resolve this but this article will be more based on tips and theory and how to improve your printing results but no firm 100% solution.

Heated Enclosure

Perhaps printing is like cooking. Factors such as barometric pressure, humidity, temperature etc play a part in it. Or its just chaos at work! I will say I get much better results with a near air tight enclosure to trap in the heat and reduce turbulent air flow. I also insulated the top with bubble wrap sandwiched with mylar, added an exhaust fan to vent fumes and lights for show. The hot enclosure should allow the the print to adjust a little better with smaller variations in temperature.

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