Materializing Creativity Just Got Real!

Viscous is bent on giving the mind set of ‘picking it off’ a shift to ‘create your own’. We at Viscous eagerly work to produce high quality solutions that would not have been thought to be possible at such minimal effort and all too reasonable cost.
We are covering the domains from nearly all areas of life. Providing solutions that range from defence to fashion and media.

Viscous in Education

With Viscous as an education partner, students are able to get the apt resources needed to aid learning and understanding.
Be a college senior trying to get the best quadcopter for a tech fair or be a primary student trying to understand the structure of DNA, we are there to help.

Viscous in Architecture

Our technology helps in producing amazingly detailed yet durable models in a range of materials to be utilized in architectural industry.
With 3D printing, models that can be used to take months and more attractive and solid to create can now be on the table in a matter of hours.

Viscous in Archaeology

Viscous is working diligently to preserve our cultural history and heritage.
Some historical items under danger, be that from armed conflicts, natural disasters or simply time erosion can be 3D scanned to produce accurate mappings and 3D printed fixings.

The Automobile Industry Is Revolutionizing

Through the development of prototypes, models, tooling and low-volume end-use parts in-house, automotive industry can work more iteratively, test more thoroughly and move with confidence into production.

We are currently working to revolutionize the industries in Pakistan and motivating them to follow the ‘can do’ approach. In the following industries we’re working as pioneers, creating items that not have been thought to be possible before.

Fashion and Media Industry

From mass-market production to running off customised garments to pick up in shops or have delivered to the home, this could be the fashion statement of the future. Viscous working in collaboration with fashion industry to print Pakistan’s first ever 3D printed dress.
As for Media, we are working in collaboration with many media projects to print items such as movie props, scaled down movie replicas and various cosplay designs over the past couple of years.


Viscous is working with Bioniks as a healthcare partner in order to provide this world a better quality of life all along with health and happiness. The 3D printed solutions that fit the domain of healthcare are 3D printed prosthetic hands, animal prosthetics and pre-surgical tools.

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