We Work With The Best In The Industry

Viscous works as an umbrella for the following sub-companies which deal in specific areas of life. These companies are equipped with the right capabilities and ample experience to deliver the best in their field.


Inoovo is a brand that offers the best blend of advancements, profound industry skill and the most adaptable executional choices to meet our client’s needs with customized solutions in the field of robotics. Being a sub-company of viscous, Inoovo deals with advanced robotics and mechanics providing high-quality solutions that fit needs precisely.

Xplorer 3D

Xplorer 3D is renowned for its best quality printers and printing services. is the franchisee of Xplorer 3D in Pakistan and providing its sales and related services to the clients. Xplorer 3D takes pride in offering expert, responsive and friendly support to all our customers around the world.