3-D printing, a technology known as “additive manufacturing,” which builds objects by adding successive layers of materials—is having a tremendous impact on many industries. In the private sector, industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to healthcare and consumer products are using the technology to do things like print tools on demand and create custom products, which can reduce costs related to time, resources, and inventory. Some applicative industries are:


Tangible Scale Models are paramount to many architectural projects, as a complement to computer simulations. Viscous Corporation enables architects and designers to create 3D architectural models with a high level of precision.

• Building Models

• Full Scale Models

• Models with Interior fittings

• Integration of Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

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Artifacts is striving to preserve our cultural history, artifacts and remains of old civilizations for the future. This is conservation and protection of the cultural world is similar to that undertaken for the natural world.

• Preservation of History

• 3D Scanning

• Recreating Artifacts

• Reparing Artifacts

• Vintage Sculptures

• Miniature Museums

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Unique customization of cars makes customers feel previliged. invites and caters all types of cars dealers and owners to enhance their experience. Here at Viscous, we believe change is for better.

• Preservation of History

• Side Mirrors

• Vintage Parts

• Car Modeling

• Customized Lights

• Dashboard 3D Sel

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Customized is a One Stop Solution Provider for customized products offering design customization, privileged products, souvenirs and what not. All of this can be done without the hassle of any limitation.

• Key Chains

• Gadgets

• Souvenirs

• Marketing Models

• Customized Products

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Viscous Corporation solutions go hand-in-hand with teaching strategies that develop the most in-demand skills for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) fields.

• Study Models

• Small Robots

• Developing Projects

• Interactive learning

• Practical Visualization

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Dies and Moulds

Prototyping enables designers to validate parameters and accelerate design approval. For instance, a small change in the design can be costly when a change in the mould is required.

• Design Finalization

• Change of Design

• Low volume Manufacturing

• Customized in Quantity

• Prototype Moulds

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Viscous Corporation is providing a simple and easy solution for your complex and time taking designs, that enables you to deliver the quantity on time and customized every time.

• Precise Design

• Reduced Time

• Design Replication

• Complicated Designs

• Customized Jewellery

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3D modeling and 3D printing have led to the creation of all sorts of unique movie props, scaled down movie replicas and various cosplay designs over the past couple of years. Project Ghazi is a Pakistani movie that have accquired our services for their Masks, Probes and Gadgets.

• Mask

• Suits

• Props

• Gadgets

• Mini Studios

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