Our Brands

Viscous.co works as an umbrella for its sub-companies which deal in specific areas of life. These sub-companies are executed with the right capabilities and ample experience to deliver the best in its field.
These sub-companies undoubtedly provide first-class quality services to the customers. Viscous.Co considers a pleasure to be of service to its customers residing in Private, Professional and Public sectors.


Viscous has initiated Bioniks Pakistan which aims to provide low cost solutions in order to facilitate humanity in every field of life. It is a symbol of hope for the individuals with disabilities- it is giving them a helping hand in the form of prosthetic arms. Bioniks is serving and based in Karachi, Pakistan, but sky is the limit.

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Inoovo is a proud sub-company of Viscous.co. It is introducing the new field of robotics that deals with design, construction and application of 3D Robots in Pakistan. Imagine a 3D printed human size robot, yep, Inoovo is working on it. The robot will work like a human. Time to learn coding because the future is near!.

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Xplorer 3D is renowned for its best quality printers and printing services. Viscous.co is the franchisee of Xplorer 3D in Pakistan and providing its sales and related services to the clients. Xplorer 3D takes pride in offering expert, responsive and friendly support to all our customers around the world.

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