Our Companies

Viscous.co is proudly introducing the subsidiaries deals in specific areas of life. These sub-companies executed with the right capabilities and ample experience to deliver persistence and excellent quality services. It is our desire to enable Viscous.co to be of service to every single imminent customer in the Private, Professional and Public part.


Bioniks – A symbol of hope - is looking forward to aspire hopeless people by offering them some best experiences with their disabilities. Bioniks is providing research based solutions which demand a pool of resources. Additive manufacturing" can be a diverse field in coming future for disable persons which can bring another revolution in the field of prosthetic and artificial limbs. That’s what Bioniks is aimed for

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Inoovo is working under the umbrella of Viscous.co. It is introducing the new field of robotics that deals with design, construction and application of 3D Robots in Pakistan. Inoovo is working on building a 3D printed human size robot that will perform every task like a human. You just need to code your robot according to your need and rest of the work will be done by your Robot.

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Xplorer 3D is optimized for its best quality printers and printing services. Viscous.co is the franchisee of Xplorer 3D in Pakistan and providing its sales and related services to the clients. Xplorer 3D take pride in offering experts, responsive and friendly support to all our customers around the world.

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