You undoubtedly belong to a growing community – from individual makers to nascent businesses who demand 3D Printers and Printing Accessories. You are at the perfect place if you wish to explore the incomparable potential of 3D printing. You can get a brief overview of our product line bellow.

3D Printers

We take pride in being the largest supplier of 3D printers for industrial, education and personal use in Pakistan

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Viscous is a nationwide leader in the market of filaments. Thanks to our R&D team of experts in product development and our leading-edge technology that makes our filaments of excellent and unmatchable quality.

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3D Pen

3D printing pen will help you add that spark in your profession no matter whatever it may be. 3D pen has great potential and can be a perfect tool for stylists, architects, designers and anybody who are interested in 3D printing. New ideas roll in our mind as to how we may ameliorate our 3D technology for a better future.

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